Paul Walker May Use PROTECTION

     May 12, 2009

paul_walker_image_slice_01.jpgThe surprise Liam Neeson hit “Taken” is now spawning a range of imitators and they didn’t take away the obvious plus (stoic plus martial arts equals bad-ass) but that pretty young girls are useless and need saving.  While this is obviously true (hot women can’t possibly save themselves otherwise they wouldn’t need men and that thought it just too horrifying to consider) I seriously think that its time to rethink a “Super Mario Bros.” remake because apparently the damsel-in-distress story is stronger than ever.  Also, every story is better with fire-flowers and flying turtles.

But while we wait to discover that the princess is another castle, Paul Walker is in talks to star in “Protection” which is about an agent trying to protect the 21-year-old-smokin’ hot daughter of a murdered Mexican judge as they go on the run from mobsters and others trying to snuff out her hotness.

Simon West is in talks to direct provided he can make the scheduling work with his proposed remake of Charles Bronson’s “The Mechanic”.  If the project comes through, we’ll all note that it’s not as good as “Taken”, “Con Air”, or “Running Scared”.


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