Indie Spotlight: Donate to Paul Walker’s Non-Profit Disaster Relief Organization, “Reach Out WorldWide”

     December 21, 2013


Normally on our Indie Spotlight, we highlight independent movie/TV projects that could use a bit of financial help or word of mouth.  Today, however, I’ll be shining that spotlight on a worthwhile non-profit, made all the more relevant by the passing of its founder, actor Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious franchise).   While on a relief mission after the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010, Walker noticed a shortage in skilled volunteers as part of the first responders in post-disaster events.  With the help of friends learned in the emergency response field, Walker started “Reach Out WorldWide” with the goal of assisting and accelerating relief efforts around the world.  Hopefully your holiday shopping is all over and done with, but if you’ve got a bit left in the piggy bank, this is certainly a worthwhile organization to donate to.  Hit the jump to learn more about Walker’s “Reach Out WorldWide” and how you can get involved.

Check out this video featuring Walker explaining the inception of “Reach Out WorldWide”, click here to donate directly, and be sure to visit the non-profit organization’s website for much more:

Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW) – consisting of skilled volunteers – is a non-profit registered 501(c)3 organization. While part of a relief team responding to the massive earthquakes that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010; Actor/Producer Paul Walker saw a gap between the availability of skilled resources and the requirement for such personnel in post-disaster situations. Following the trip he contacted a group of his friends to assist him in forming ROWW with the purpose of filling this unmet need.

ROWW is a network of committed professionals with first responder skill-set (including project management, logistics, heavy equipment operation, EMT, paramedic, firefighting, and healthcare, etc). The volunteers provide their expertise when disasters strike and augment local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts on a worldwide basis. ROWW has developed Standard Operating Procedures that facilitate arriving quickly, clearing access, providing basic necessities and medical assistance to ease the survivors’ pain and bringing hope in the bleakest of circumstances.

ROWW operates on the philosophy that by making a difference in just one person’s life, the world has been changed for the better.

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