Paul W.S. Anderson to Direct Adaptation of Comic Book Hero BUCK ROGERS

     March 24, 2010


In sad news, Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Death Race) is attached to direct a movie based on swashbuckling hero of the 25th century, Buck Rogers. One of the quickest ways to make me lose any interest in a project is to say, “Paul W.S. Anderson is attached…” Whether it’s to direct, write, produce, cater, or anything, he takes properties that are out of his league and then brings them down to that crummy league he inhabits.  In that league, you somehow make a PG-13 Alien vs. Predator movie that hardly has any xenomorph-predator combat.  I want to say that Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway may be able to help, but I don’t know how much of their contributions ended up in that film and I don’t know how much of their script will ultimately make it into this movie.  Oh, and it may be shot in 3D because that’s what audiences (read: studios) demand!

Buck Rogers isn’t the only classic hero who may be headed back to the big screen.  Also in various stages of development Conan, The Green Hornet (starring Seth Rogen), Doc Savage (with Shane Black at the helm), The Shadow (Sam Raimi producing), and Dan Dare (the “British Buck Rogers” with Sam Worthington attached).

Hit the jump for a brief history of Buck Rogers.  And hey, at least Frank Miller isn’t anywhere near it. [Variety]

The character of Buck Rogers has appeared first appeared in comics and then expanded to radio, a 1939 movie serial, TV series, and a 1979 film starring Gil Gerard.  The near-constant across all these mediums is that it’s a science-fiction tale with Rogers being transported from the modern day to 500 years into the future, which until ten years ago, was the 25th century.  Since Variety says that they’re planning to set the movie in the modern day, he would now Buck Rogers in the 26th Century unless he travels, at most, 490 years into the future.  This has been Matt Goldberg with Math You Already Knew.


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