Pay Tribute to Paul Giamtti as King John in IRONCLAD

     September 17, 2009


Paul Giamatti has just been cast as King John in the upcoming medieval action flick “Ironclad”.  King John is the villain* and he’s throwing down against a “Seven Samurai” (except knights instead of samurai) led by a formidable Knights Templar played by James Purefoy.  Hit the jump to find out who would win in a fight.

Variety says that King John has an entire army on his side but that’s more than a character played by Giamatti needs.  If Purefoy wants to throw down with Paul Giamatti, he’s more than welcome.  Yes, Purefoy is best known for playing Marc Antony on the HBO series “Rome” but Paul Giamatti is best known for suffering more existential angst than most men would dare face in ten lifetimes.  Also, look at that photo below.  That’s a dude who’s ready to eat your babies and wash them down with your sorrow.  I say bring it, Purefoy.


*Who died and made him King?  I ask because I’d like to know the order of succession concerning his ascendance to the throne.


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