Watch: Pedro Pascal Absolutely Cannot Say the Word “Sperm” in the ‘Community’ Reunion Special

     May 18, 2020

As you may already know, the cast of Community (minus Chevy Chase) reunited for a table read of the Season 5 episode “Cooperative Polygraphy” earlier today over Zoom, which you can check out on the Community YouTube page. Originally, the episode featured Walton Goggins in a brilliant guest role as Mr. Stone, the executor of the recently deceased Pierce (Chase). But Goggins was unable to make the reunion, so the Community team got another delightful actor to take his place – none other than the Mando himself, Pedro Pascal. And while Pascal obviously did a fine job, he had trouble getting through some of Stone’s deadpan absurdist dialogue. Specifically, repeated gags about Pierce’s frozen sperm.


Image via NBCUniversal

During the episode, Mr. Stone reads through Pierce’s will, revealing what the older man had decided to leave behind for his study group friends. As we slowly discover, Pierce left a jar of frozen sperm for every single one of them. And Pascal absolutely cannot get through these lines without cracking up.

Without hyperbole, it is the most charming few minutes television ever broadcast, as Pascal gamely struggles through his character handing out frozen cylinders of sperm to the group. At one point he brings the entire read to a stop and just asks the rest of the cast, “How the hell do you guys do this?!” He manages to get through the scene, but not without cracking up every single time a new jar of sperm comes into play. It’s glorious.

You can watch the scene in the player embedded below. For more on The Mandalorian, check out some recent casting news that should make fans of Deadwood excited.