Pell James talks about Terrence Malick’s THE TREE OF LIFE

     June 15, 2009

pell_james_01.jpgAt today’s press junket for Jennifer Lynch’s new movie “Surveillance”, I was able to ask Pell James some questions about another of her upcoming projects, Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life”. While most directors and movie studios are happy to tell you about an upcoming film, anything involving Terrence Malick is always a mystery, until you see the finished project.

According to Wikipedia, the film stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn and it’s a boy’s journey from the innocence of childhood to his disillusioned adult years as a lost soul in the modern world.

Of course, who really knows what it’s about, as there has been talk of dinosaurs in the film. Here’s what special effects guru Mike Fink told Empire a few months back:

“We’re animating dinosaurs, but it’s not Jurassic Park. The attempt is to treat it as if somehow a camera wound up in the middle of these periods when dinosaurs roamed the earth and creatures first started to emerge from the sea onto the land. The first mammals appearing. We’re doing a number of creatures all seriously scientifically based. I think when it’s finished it’ll be something that’s referred to for years.”

While this sounds like it could get pretty crazy, I’m sure Mr. Malick has a plan. Anyhow, while Pell James didn’t reveal too much, if you’re a fan of Mr. Malick’s, I’m sure you’d like to read what she said. It’s after the jump:

terrence_malick_01.jpgQuestion: Can you talk about The Tree of Life, the new Terrence Malick film?

Pell James: I shot Tree of Life with Terrence Malick which is such a dream. I have no idea when it’s going to come out, but I know I’m in it because he called me and said he didn’t cut me which is really nice because there’s this notorious story that Adrien Brody was going to be the big star and that he was in The Thin Red Line and he had a huge part in it and it was a big coup that he got it and then he got cut… I don’t even know if he had a speaking part in it at the end of the day the way they edited it — not because he wasn’t great but it just didn’t work for what Terrence had in mind and then he did The Pianist so he was fine. So you never know with him. He’s like such a notorious cutter.

How was it working with Terrence and also, can you talk a little bit about your character?

Pell James: I don’t think I can. I have no idea if I can. I meant to call him and ask him but I just didn’t get around to it. He’s pretty amazing to work with. I mean, it was such a dream. He’s one of those people that you have this dream list of people that you want to work with and you never really think that you’re going to end up working with him because God knows if he’s going to do another movie. He’s really doing them back to back now though. The crew was really great. It was in Texas and I had shot a movie in Texas a couple of years ago so it was like, “Hi pal!” Again, it was another kind of family like situation.

pell_james_02.jpgI hear rumors there are dinosaurs in The Tree of Life. Is that true?

Pell James: I’ve heard that too. I was not in a scene with a dinosaur. I will confirm that. I Google it like anyone else would because I wouldn’t ever dare ask him. I read the script and there’s very long descriptions of things and this and that. We weren’t exactly sure if the script was what was actually being shot. So, I don’t know but I’m excited.

So you don’t know when Tree of Life is coming out?

Pell James: I Google it all the time to get information. I don’t know. Hopefully soon.

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