‘PEN15’ Season 2 Trailer Gives Us Awkward, Poignant, Middle School Feels

     August 7, 2020


PEN15, the middle-school-set Hulu comedy, manages to pull off a strange casting magic trick with remarkable aplomb. Its creator-stars Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, whom are adult women, play themselves at age 13 among a cast full of actual 13-year-olds — and they blend in perfectly. It results in a downright magical-feeling show, a gentle, earnest, very awkward comedy that will remind everyone what it feels like to be in the most horrific years of your life. Season 2 is coming September 18, and the first trailer gives us everything I loved about season 1 and more.


Image via Hulu

In this look, we see Erskine and Konkle deal with the heart-fluttering, nerve-wracking experience that is attending a middle school pool party. We also see the pair of besties go through obsessive crushes, wrestling matches, the family trauma of divorce, and the triumphant return of Richard Karn in a wonderful supporting role — all while remaining by each other’s side and supporting the hell out of each other (print (“She’s my best friend on God’s green frickin’ earth” goes one typically delightful line). Erskine and Konkle produce alongside co-creator Sam Zvibleman and those wonderful Lonely Island boys. The 14-episode second season will be split up into two chunks of 7, and I can’t wait to inhale the first half of such a special, pure, gentle, relatable, and hilarious ode to friendship and growing up.

PEN15 season 2 heads to Hulu on September 18. Check out the trailer below. And here’s our review of season 1 if you need a catch-up. For more Hulu comedy trailers, here’s the magical realism of Lamorne Morris‘ Woke.