Penn Badgley Exclusive Video Interview EASY A

     September 17, 2010

If you don’t recognize Penn Badgley from one of his several roles in films like The Stepfather and John Tucker Must Die, its possible you might recognize him from a little show called Gossip Girl.  In Screen Gems’ Easy A, Badgley plays Woodchuck Todd who doesn’t buy into all the rumors surrounding lead character Olive (Emma Stone).  At the Easy A press junket, Badgley talked adolescence, working with a great cast, and what’s coming up on this season of Gossip Girl.  The full interview lies after the jump.

In the interview, Penn Badgley talks working with great talent, being awkward, and of course, what’s next on the cult hit Gossip Girl.  See Badgley exude judgment free, cool confidence even while wearing a Woodchuck costume in Screen Gems’ Easy A opening September 17th.

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