‘Penny Dreadful’ To Live On as a Comic Book

     October 31, 2016


Looks like Penny Dreadful will live again. Fans of Showtime’s horror series, starring Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, were shocked when they realized the season 3 finale was actually the series finale. But the network and Titan Comics announced on Halloween that the story will live on in comic book form.

Spoiler alert for anyone who still hasn’t seen the finale, but the war against Dracula culminated in the death of Vanessa Ives (Green), and Ethan Chandler (Harnett) was left grieving over his love’s body. Penny Dreadful executive producer Chris King and Sons of Anarchy comic book artist Jesús Hervás will work on the new comic, which is set to debut in 2017 and will pick up six months after this tragic event.

Lizzie Kaye, who’ll act as editor on the new comic, said in a statement:

Like all fans of Penny Dreadful, I am so thrilled that we’re returning to the incredible world of the show. There are a lot of stories left to tell, and there is no one better to tell them than Chris King. What he’s got planned will just take your breath away, and I can’t wait for fans to see it all brought to life by artist Jesús Hérvas.

The series creator, on the other, seemed to have a different feeling regarding its shelf life. Showtime CEO David Nevins said during the Television Critics Association tour earlier this year that the death of Venessa and series finale were planned out. In terms of whether there were more stories to tell, he explained, “It became a question for us: Is there a life for the series beyond both Vanessa Ives and John Logan’s writing? And for us, we thought the series would just lose its authenticity that way. So it was a moving target, which is partly why we chose to end it.”