Collider Kids Exclusive: Peppa Meets a Superhero in New Episodes of ‘Peppa Pig’!

     April 29, 2018


Here at Collider, we cover a lot of stuff, be it Star Wars, superheroes, or cinephile fare, and everything from movies and TV, to video games and web series. There’s something for everyone. But there’s so much stuff out there that sometimes our younger audience members get left out. So every once in a while, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some family-friendly content that parents and caregivers can confidently watch with the little ones.

In today’s Collider Kids segment, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive first look at images from all-new Peppa Pig episodes headed to Nickelodeon next month! Each new “Peppasode,” premiering May 7th, May 14th and May 21st, features five engaging stories as Peppa learns and grows with some help from her family – little brother George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, and Grandpa and Granny Pig. And the debut episodes introduce new characters and locations! Viewers will join Peppa on a special trip to Paris; visit The Market; meet a real superhero named Super Potato; and make a new friend, Molly Mole, who just moved to the neighborhood with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mole.

Check out our exclusive new images along with peppasode descriptions and airing times and dates below!


Image via Nickelodeon

Premiering Monday, May 7 at 9:00am on Nickeloden

“George’s Wooly Hat”: George has a new hat, and Mummy Pig is determined to make sure it doesn’t get muddy when Peppa and George go visit Grandpa and Granny Pig.

“Canal Boat”: It’s Captain Daddy Dog’s birthday, and Mummy Dog got him the best present ever: a boat trip. Surprisingly for Daddy Dog, it’s on a canal boat. He has a new adventure going through mountains and floating through the sky!

“Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse”: Grandpa Pig and Grandpa Dog are both showing Peppa and George their greenhouses full of lovely tomatoes and basil. When it’s time for dinner, Granny Pig takes all the ingredients they’ve grown and makes a tasty salad.

“Masks”: Madame Gazelle has another task for the children: making masks! There are carrot masks, robot masks, and even pretty butterfly masks.

“Goldie the Fish”: Goldie the Fish does not look happy and isn’t eating her food, so Peppa, George, and Mummy Pig take her on a bus trip to visit Dr. Hamster the Vet.


Image via Nickelodeon

Premiering Monday, May 14 at 9:00am on Nickelodeon

“Sailing Boat”: Peppa and George go sailing with Grandpa Pig, but he keeps getting the boat stuck in the mud! They all decide to have a sleepover on the boat while they wait for the tide to come back in.

“Molly Mole”: It is Molly Mole’s first day at school, and she quickly makes best friends with Peppa and Rebecca Rabbit.

“Soft Play:” It’s Richard Rabbit’s birthday party, and George is invited. That can only mean one thing: Soft Play! George and friends have great fun, swinging, bouncing and climbing, but it isn’t quite as much fun for the grown‐ups!

“The Market:” Peppa and family take a trip to the market to buy some lovely apples, cheese, and fish. They get more than they were expecting when they stop by Mr. Fox’s stall, and he is selling some extra special items!

“Bedtime Story”: Daddy Pigs reads Peppa and George a bedtime story to help them fall asleep. When George wakes up again, Peppa has to make up a bedtime story to get him back to sleep.


Image via Nickelodeon

Premiering Monday, May 21 at 9:00am on Nickelodeon

“Peppa Goes to Paris”: Peppa and family go on a trip to Paris to meet Delphine Donkey and her family. The Donkey family take Peppa and family to the top of the Eiffel Tower, forcing Daddy Pig to face his fear of heights.

“Grandpa Pig’s Pond”: Peppa and George are helping Grandpa Pig dig a brand new pond for his garden. While they’re working, Peppa and George find some buried treasure.

“Once Upon a Time”: Peppa and family go on a walk through the forest to Grandpa and Granny Pig’s house. On the way, they meet all of their favorite fairytale characters.

Super Potato”: Mr. Potato has come to visit the playgroup, and he’s brought along his superhero friend, Super Potato!

“Playgroup Star”: Peppa gets her very first Playgroup Star for drawing a wonderful picture of her house! Meanwhile, Daddy Pig realizes he never got a Playgroup Star of his own, and he is determined to make that happen.


Image via Nickelodeon