PERCY JACKSON’s Logan Lerman in Talks to Star in Marc Webb’s SPIDER-MAN Reboot

     February 4, 2010


Speaking with Access Hollywood, 18-year-old Logan Lerman, the star of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, says that he’s in early discussions to play Peter Parker in Sony’s unnecessary reboot of the Spider-Man franchise.  Says Lerman:

“It’s just, you know, conversations are starting. It’s a long process with the studio and the producers and everything. But it’s definitely a project that I’m really interested in, of course.  I’d love to focus on the human element a little bit more. It’d be such a fun experience.”

I don’t understand what he means when he says, “I’d love to focus on the human element a bit more.”  A bit more than Raimi and Maguire did?  Or more than your focus on action scenes?  And yes, my attitude is hostile, not towards Lerman specifically, but just towards this project in general.  Sony has set the bar even higher than it was back in 2002 when they released the first Spider-Man movie.  It’s very difficult to wash away skepticism regarding any element of this movie.  But back to Lerman, I see Percy Jackson tonight so I’ll find out if he’s a good fit for the webs or not.

UPDATE: THR has an update that says Logan Lerman is just one of many actors the studio is looking at.  According to a studio spokesman, “No offers have been made, nor have any business discussions been made with Lerman.”

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