First Trailer for PERFECT SENSE Starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green

     January 18, 2011


About a month ago we posted the first images from Perfect Sense, a Sundance 2011 entry led by Ewan McGregor and Eva Green with the cryptic logline, “A poetic and magnetic love story about two people who start to fall in love just as the world begins to fall apart.”  I think, for now, it’s best we leave it there.

Thankfully, this newly released trailer agrees with me.  It captures the pure melodrama indicated by the logline without revealing too much about the story.  So you can watch this footage and simply admire how beautifully the David Mackenzie-directed film is lit without spoiling things.  However, if you would like to know more about the plot, we’ve included new story details alongside the trailer after the jump.

Via MTV Movies Blog:

I am wholly seduced.

MTV included the following synopsis with their premiere of the trailer (last chance to turn away):Perfect-Sense-Eva-Green-image

Green plays Susan, an epidemiologist recently out of a relationship gone sour; McGregor is Michael, the charismatic chef who sweeps Susan off her feet and shows her that not all guys are a-holes. Sounds swell, right? And it would be… except for one tiny problem: At the same time Susan and Michael are falling for each other, a global pandemic is threatening to change the face of humanity forever.

And Susan, in her job as an epidemiologist, is right at the center of it all. When a truck driver in Glasgow experiences a sudden inexplicable crying fit and subsequently loses his sense of smell, Susan learns that more than 100 other people across Europe have been stricken in similar fashion. As more and more people around the globe begin to suffer these strange symptoms that first attack their emotions and then their symptoms, Susan and Michael are forced to try and weather the storm and find out how the human race might cope with such a pandemic.

The trailer seems that much greater after reading this.  We see hints, but I didn’t pick up on anything more than severe emotional trauma in my first viewing.  So much of the appeal of Sundance lies in the surprise — walking in knowing nothing about a film, walking out having seen something special.  (Or so I’ve heard.  I’ve never been.  Someday.)

Perfect Sense was on my radar, but now I’ve totally checked in.  Just to add to the wonder of it all, McGregor is reunited with his Trainspotting co-star Ewen Bremner.  Stephen Dillane, Denis Lawson, and Connie Nielsen also star.  May Perfect Sense quickly land an eager buyer with deep pockets at the festival.


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