This New ‘Perry Mason’ Teaser Starring Matthew Rhys Will Excite Your Inner Voyeur

     April 14, 2020


On Tuesday, HBO released an intriguing teaser trailer for the upcoming limited series Perry Mason . The forthcoming limited series, which stars Matthew Rhys and counts Robert Downey Jr. among its roster of producers, is an update on the Perry Mason TV series which ran from 1957 to 1966.

This new teaser arrives after an extremely brief glimpse at Perry Mason in November 2019 when the limited series was included in a preview of HBO’s 2020 shows. The clip lasts less than a minute and shows down-and-out defense attorney Perry Mason (Rhys) playing the Peeping Tom. Whose house is he flashing that flashlight into? Why is he sneaking around in the middle of the night? Will he be discovered? We’ll just have to wait for the trailer to see where Perry’s investigation takes him. However, the low-key horny caption from HBO accompanied the sneak peek — “Matthew Rhys can peek into my window any night of the week.” — teases the possibility this show is sexier than we might expect.

In addition to Rhys, Perry Mason stars John LithgowShea WhighamTatiana MaslanyJuliet Rylance, and Matt Frewer. The limited series will have eight episodes total and follows Perry as he takes on a potentially life-changing case. The series will take viewers back to 1930s Los Angeles, where things were played even faster and looser as real life merged with Hollywood intrigue. As previously mentioned, the series is based on the Perry Mason TV series which ran for nine seasons and is based on the novels written by Erle Stanley Garner.

Perry Mason will debut on HBO in 2020. For more, check out our latest coverage on current HBO hit series Westworld.