Atlus Teases “Exciting News”; Is ‘Persona’ Finally Coming to PC?

     June 9, 2020


Update: Yup! Persona 4 Golden is now available on Steam! Our original story follows below:

Could it finally be happening? Could PC players finally be getting a port of a massive gaming franchise they’ve long been waiting for? PC Gamer’s upcoming PC Gaming Show, airing this Saturday June 13th for two hours starting at 11am PST, promises a few surprises. One of those surprises seems to be Atlus’ announcement that “something” is coming to PC. So we ask again, could it be?

Persona branched off from the super successful Shin Megami Tensei media franchise way back in 1996 with its first video game release for the OG PlayStation in Revelations: Persona. Jump forward 24 years to Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced version of the franchise’s most recent title, and it’s plain to see that the games still enjoy a popularity the world over. Revelations: Persona enjoyed a Windows and PlayStation Portable port back in the day, but that was more than 20 years ago now. That porting trend continued through PlayStation’s various consoles, portable devices, and digital libraries, but the PC ports tapered off rather quickly. Perhaps Atlus is about to change all of that, especially if their newly launched Steam page is any indication…

Here’s how Atlus teased the news:

Other highlights of the show include a forward-looking interview with Rocketwerkz founder Dean Hall, first-look footage for Surgeon Simulator 2, a surprising Torchlight 3 reveal, and a brand-new trailer from publisher New Blood Interactive (Dusk, Amid Evil).

In addition to Atlus, here’s a look at the other developers who will be showing off their titles at this weekend’s pre-recorded event:

  • 2K Games (Mafia: Definitive Edition)
  • All in! Games
  • Amazon Games (New World)
  • Battlestate Games (Escape From Tarkov)
  • Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator 2)
  • Brace Yourself Games
  • Coffee Stain Studios
  • Dontnod
  • Funcom
  • FJRD
  • Frontier Developments
  • Glumberland (Ooblets)
  • Humble Games
  • New Blood Interactive
  • Merge Games
  • Modus Games
  • Mythical
  • Perfect World (Torchlight 3, Remnant: From the Ashes)
  • The Wandering Band
  • Rebellion
  • Red Sails Team
  • Rocketwerkz
  • Rockfish Games (Everspace 2)
  • Sega
  • Tripwire Interactive
  • WolfEye Studios (Weird West)
  • Xseed Games
  • Yaza Games

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