Peter Berg Will Sink Your BATTLESHIP

     May 18, 2009

peter_berg_battleship_01.jpgI will say that as far as movie potential goes, “Battleship” has more potential than say, “Monopoly” (which Ridley Scott is preparing to direct).  You can call your movie “Battleship” and then just make a war movie at sea.  That’s cool.  We haven’t had many naval battle movies lately and it could be interesting to see what someone does with a naval battle that doesn’t primarily involve submarines but, lo and behold, battleships.

It looks like Peter Berg (“Hancock”, “The Kingdom”) will be the captain of this ship as The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that he’s in negotiations to direct a film based on the popular board game.  If you never played “Battleship”, then you never had a childhood and in that case you have far bigger problems than knowing how to play “Battleship”.

Brothers Jon and Erich Hoeber are writing the script.  Their last film was “Whiteout” based on the Greg Rucka graphic novel and starring Kate Beckinsale.  It was filmed about 800 years ago and has now taken up residence on a nice shelf somewhere.  That probably won’t happen as Berg will probably spend lots and lots of money to blow up ships.  Good hunting, sir.

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