‘Game of Thrones’: SNL and Peter Dinklage Take You Behind the Scenes of Season 6

     April 3, 2016


While the folks at home marvel at the splendid fantasy world of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the hardworking cast and crew have to deal with the crude on set realities — like CGI dragons. With Peter Dinklage hosting last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, you just knew there was going to be a Game of Thrones gag or two, and they delivered, but the biggest hit of the night came in the form of a sketch taking you behind-the-scenes of production on on the highly anticipated Season 6.

Now that Tyrion is in league with the Khaleesi, that means he’s in the realm of Dragons…and their real life counterparts. In this case, a scene-stealing Bobby Moynihan as the man behind the fearsome and regal Drogon. While the cast has to deal with him, he has to deal with the pitfalls and practicalities of being a mocap performer.

What I love about this sketch is that despite being completely goofy, it’s pretty grounded in reality. The Game of Thrones actors actually do have to perform dramatically in some pretty silly scenarios, and the folks at SNL nailed the tone and format of the HBO behind-the-scenes segments you see between programming. Shout out to the always amazing Kate McKinnon for her pitch-perfect take on Emilia Clarke.

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Image via HBO


Image via HBO


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