Peter Sarsgaard in Talks to Play Villain in GREEN LANTERN

     January 12, 2010


Heat Vision reports that the talented Peter Sarsgaard is in negotiations to play the baddie going up against Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan in Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern.  Sarsgaard would play Dr. Hector Hammond, “the pathologist son of a senator who is seen as a disappointment in his father’s eyes. He becomes infused with psychic powers when he discovers a meteor.”  Back in October there was a rumor that Jackie Earle Haley was in talks to play the Lantern’s greatest foe, Sinestro.  However, Steve spoke with Haley and found out this wasn’t the case.  Returning to the present, Sinestro may be in the first film, and have a larger presence in a later film.  The character is just too big in the Green Lantern universe to cast aside so it will be interesting to see how (or if) they’ll tie him into the movie.

For those who don’t know the character, Jordan was a test pilot who received a ring from a dying alien.  The ring bestowed Jordan with special powers and he became part of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.  Green Lantern is scheduled to begin shooting this March in New Orleans.  Last Friday, we reported that Blake Lively was cast as Jordan’s love interest, Carol Ferris.

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