‘Phantasm and You’ Comedy Short Recaps the Classic Horror Franchise

     October 5, 2016


Yesterday was a big one for Phantasm fans, not only did the 4K restoration Phantasm: Remastered (with the help of J.J. Abrams, no less) finally arrive, so did the long-awaited next installment, Phantasm: Ravager. The first Phantasm sequel in almost two decades, Ravager sees David Hartman step into the David Hartman step into the director’s chair for Don Coscarelli, who returned to produce and co-pen the screenplay. Picking up a near twenty years later, our heroes are no longer just fighting the perils of the red dimension, but the all too real battle against dementia, as they try to prevent the reality of the red world’s dimension from bleeding into our own.

With such a long downtime between entries you’d be forgiven for forgetting some of the ins and outs of what happened in the last four Phantasm installments. Of course, ideally, we’d all have time to re-watch the first four before delving into the latest chapter, but what’s a workin’ folk to do?Fortunately, the studio has put together the comedy short Phantasm and You to bring you up to speed with Mike, Jody, Reggie and their decades-long battle against The Tall Man. Get caught up with more than three decades of Phantasm in less than 4 minutes in the video below.

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