Phillip Noyce Signs on for More Spy Games with WENCESLAS SQUARE

     March 12, 2010

Phillip Noyce.jpgHaving just wrapped post-production on the spy flick Salt, starring Angelina Jolie as a CIA spook accused of working for the Russians – which I predict will be the at least slightly surprisingly monster hit of the summer when it comes out July 23 – director Phillip Noyce is already booked for more spy games.

According to Variety, he’s been tapped to helm the spy thriller Wenceslas Square, based on the short story by Arthur Phillips and with a script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. It’s set in Prague in the late Cold War era and revolves around a young CIA officer and a beautiful Czech spy. Endgame, which is producing this, is said to be “fast-tracking” it, so stay tuned for more details on it probably very soon.

What I’d really like to see Noyce, easily one of my favorites, direct is that adaptation of Philip Roth’s American Pastoral, but that seems to be on hold, perhaps forever. In the meantime, I love me some spy games, so bring all this on.

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