Pierce Brosnan and Son Sean Brosnan Are BONDED

     June 23, 2010

The upcoming thriller Bonded will star and is being produced by Pierce Brosnan’s son, Sean Brosnan.  Brosnan the elder will have a cameo in Bonded.  Please note: Bonded has absolutely nothing to do with the James Bond franchise, but it still sounds like an interesting film.  According to The Wrap, the film is about “a Mexican teenager who, after the death of his mother, is sold by his father and smuggled into America, where he’s forced to work as a bonded slave laborer in a Los Angeles sweatshop.  While imprisoned there, he befriends a young woman, but when she is claimed by a sex trafficker, he must make a daring escape in order to rescue her.”

Both Brosnans will play cops in the movie.  The film, written and directed by Mo Ramchandani (Devil’s Creek), is based on true events that took place in El Monte, Calif. in the early ’90s.  The film is still in the process of casting the male lead.

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