‘The Son’ Teasers: Pierce Brosnan’s AMC Series Heads to the Wild West in First Teasers

     September 12, 2016


Former 007 Pierce Brosnan is headed to the small screen for a new series from AMC called The Son, in which he plays “The First Son of Texas” Eli McCullough. Set in the old West, the tale won’t be told until 2017, but the network offered a first look in the former of a trio of teaser trailers.

Seeing Brosnan in this setting brings to mind imagery from his 2006 film Seraphim Falls, in which he co-starred with Liam Neeson about two former Civil War army men with a grudge against each other. Here, though, the actor stars as the patriarch of a prominent Texas family. According to EW, which debuted a batch a images alongside the teasers, Eli is “uneasy with the inexorable taming of Texas and the uncertain future of his legacy.”

Other characters include Eli’s son Pete (Henry Garrett), who’s struggling to make his father proud, and his granddaughter Jeannie (Sydney Lucas), a tomboy unwilling to accept an existence of childbearing and marrying well. The teasers feature sequences involving Native Americans, and that’s because Eli was kidnapped by the Comanche tribe as a child and raised among them. The boy found a father figure in war chief Toshaway (Zahn McClaron).

The cast also includes Carlos Bardem as Pedro Garcia, Jess Weixler as Sally McCullough, and David Wilson Barnes as Phineas McCullough. Watch the footage below.

AMC describes the series as “a multigenerational saga” that weaves between two time periods: the story of young Eli and his life with the Comanches in 1849, and Eli 60 years later as he works to maintain his family’s cattle empire against the backdrop of the Bandit Wars of South Texas. The network has yet to announce a specific premiere date, but The Son will consist of 10 hour-long episodes.

See the photos below.


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