For Your Consideration: PIRANHA 3D

     August 17, 2010

Last year, Avatar showed a 3D film could dominate at the Academy Awards.  This year, Piranha 3D is the 3D film that’s coming to own all the Oscars.  If 3D is here to stay, why not honor a 3D film that stars Paul Scheer, Adam Scott, Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, Kelly Brook, and Hollywood Treasure, Jerry O’Connell?  Don’t like the cast?  That’s okay because there’s plenty of gore and nudity, but the Academy has no problem with either as long as it’s done tastefully.  And if there’s one word that I’m sure describes Piranha 3D, it’s “tasteful”.

Hit the jump to check out this hilarious but sadly fake “For Your Consideration” ad from Funny Or Die for Piranha 3D, which hits theaters on Friday.

Piranha 3D movie image (4)

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