PITCH PERFECT 3 Moving Forward; Sky Is Also Blue

     June 10, 2015


It was aca-inevitable: there will be a Pitch Perfect 3. After the Elizabeth Banks-helmed comedy sequel opened to a spectacular $69 million on a modest budget of $29 million, it was pretty clear that we’d get another sequel. Indeed, THR reports that Kay Cannon—who scripted the first two films—is in negotiations to pen the screenplay for a third. It’s unclear at this point if Banks, who also produces and co-stars in the films, will return as the director for Pitch Perfect 3, but she hopefully has plenty of options on the table for her follow-up effort after such a stellar feature debut.

Universal Pictures was actually planning ahead when it began putting Pitch Perfect 2 together. When it was reported that Hailee Steinfeld had joined the cast as a new Barden Bella, she was contracted for multiple films as the plan was for Steinfeld to eventually take over the franchise down the road. While Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson received raises for Pitch Perfect 2 (they made about $2 million each, according to THR), Universal does not have options on them for Pitch Perfect 3, which means they’re open to potentially costly renegotiations.


Image via Universal Pictures

So at this point we don’t know if Kendrick and Wilson will return for lead roles, smaller supporting roles, or not at all. Though the success of the franchise is due in no small part to their performances, so they’d certainly be deserving of a bigger payday for PP3.

The person I’m most curious about here, though, is Banks. Pitch Perfect 2 has now grossed $250 million worldwide and counting, which is huge considering this is A. a comedy and B. lacks explosions/superheroes. If some straight-outta-Sundance male indie director made this as his debut, he’d no doubt be in line for any number of franchises, reboots, or Marvel properties at this point. Hollywood has a serious lack of female directors—Banks is the first woman in recent memory to helm a big summer franchise movie—so will they treat Banks with the same reverence they have for this slew of indie-turned-blockbuster filmmakers milling about? They sure as hell should.

Cannon is merely in negotiations to pen the screenplay at this stage, so this is still early days, but rest assured: Pitch Perfect 3 is coming.


Image via Universal Pictures

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