Exclusive: Check Out Mondo’s ‘A Bug’s Life’ and ‘Incredibles 2’ Posters from Upcoming Pixar Show

     December 2, 2019

We at Collider are happy to exclusively debut a pair of fantastic Mondo posters that will be on display this Friday, December 6th, at the Mondo gallery show “SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE: A Pixar Poster Show.” Below, you can preview the Mondo posters for A Bug’s Life by Phantom City Creative and Incredibles 2 by Francesco Francavilla, and they’re great.

The posters will go on sale at the gallery on Friday and will remain on sale through December 8th. At that point, any remaining prints will then be released online at MondoTees.com at a later date, so folks not near or in the Austin, Texas are still have a shot at owning some of the prints that will be on display at the gallery show.

A Bug’s Life is, of course, the second-ever Pixar film and is a riff of sorts on Seven Samurai. Released in 1998, it was directed by John Lasseter and follows a misfit ant who turns to a group of circus performers to pretend to be “tough warriors” to ward off a legion of nefarious grasshoppers. This A Bug’s Life Mondo poster showcases the colorful cast of characters on, appropriately enough, a leaf.

Incredibles 2, meanwhile, is the long-awaited sequel to filmmaker Brad Bird’s 2004 superhero family drama The Incredibles. That feature was Pixar’s first superhero movie and the first to be directed by an “outsider” as Bird wasn’t one of the core Pixar brain trust who started with the company—although after The Incredibles he became one. The 2018 sequel was a box office smash and found the family squaring off against the supervillain Screenslavor, seen on Francavilla’s poster overlooking the action. The colors here really pop, and I love the layout of this piece in particular.

Check out the Mondo posters, sizing, and price details below and head over to Mondo’s official website for more information.

A BUG’S LIFE by Phantom City Creative

Edition of 260

18” x 24”



INCREDIBLES 2 by Francesco Francavilla

Edition of 290

24” x 36”



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