Watch: New Pixar Easter Eggs Video Shows How All of Its Movies Are Connected

     January 18, 2017


Finding Pixar Easter eggs is a hobby for many, and it’s one the production company also encourages. Pixar spends a lot of time connecting its movie worlds visually, but it’s only clear to people with a keen eye for detail. To help with some of that eagle-eyed Easter egging, Disney has released a new video via their Toy Story Facebook page that connects characters from Pixar’s many, many films with references that are definitely blink-and-you’ll-miss-‘em.

For instance: Sully from Monsters, Inc is in a carving Merida sees in Brave, a carving of Merida and her family are in the background of a scene from Cars, Lightning McQueen is a toy in the back of Toy Story, Lotso from Toy Story is also seen in Up … you get the idea. It’s pretty insane and hypnotizing (and some are so obscure it’s a bit of stretch — like the shadow of Dog, or the wreckage of a Vespa seen in a junk pile in Wall-E, but I’ll allow it). Even A Bug’s Life gets a look-in.

Basically, these worlds are so weirdly interconnected I’m sure there’s a new potential theory waiting to be written about how they are all in the same shared universe (the timeline would be impossible though … I think?), so get to it internet. It is possible that Disney concocted a master plan for all of its images seen in every one of its film from the very beginning, I mean, this is Disney, after all.

Check out the video below:

What’s also pretty startling is how even the oldest Pixar movies don’t look vastly different from the most recent ones — and we’re going back to the late 90s with some of these. It’s fairly amazing how advanced they were with their animation style even then, and how they’ve managed to make it so iconic that they haven’t had to change much since.

The other thing to look for, of course, are clues to Pixar films that either were never made, or that are still to come. And while you think on that, you can also check out Adam Chitwood’s ranking of all of Pixar’s movies.


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