Watch: Adam Sandler and the Cast of PIXELS Play “Would You Rather”

     July 21, 2015


We’ve seen natural disasters, asteroids and virus outbreaks threaten to destroy humanity time and time again, but on Friday, one alien race will try to obliterate the Earth in a brand new way – by using video games. When intergalactic aliens see classic arcade games and interpret them as a declaration of war, they decide to attack Earth using our favorite 80s video game characters including Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and more. But fortunately, the President of the United State, Will Cooper (Kevin James), just happens to know some of the best gamers in the world. The government officials might not like it, but a video game champ-turned-home theater installer (Adam Sandler) and his childhood friends are their best shot at surviving the attack.

With Pixels making its way into theaters nationwide on July 24th, I got the opportunity to sit down with Sandler, James, Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and director Chris Columbus to talk about the film. I’ve got some fun stories from the shoot coming your way soon, but first, check out what happened when I challenged the group to a game of “Would You Rather.”

Here’s the official synopsis for Pixels:

When intergalactic aliens misinterpret video-feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war against them, they attack the Earth, using the games as models for their various assaults. President Will Cooper (James) has to call on his childhood best friend, ’80s video game champion Sam Brenner (Sandler), now a home theater installer, to lead a team of old-school arcaders (Dinklage and Gad) to defeat the aliens and save the planet.


Image via Sony

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