New Poster Hints at Possible Theatrical Release for Disney’s PLANES; Promo Poster for IRON MAN 3

     June 22, 2012

Just the other day, we got our first look at James Franco in Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful by way of a sheet of promo posters.  The image was only a close-up of the Franco poster, but the full sheet actually gives us a look at a promo poster for Iron Man 3 and hints at a theatrical release for Disney’s Cars spinoff Planes.  All the films included on the sheet are slated to be released theatrically, and Planes is included in the bunch.  Rumors have been swirling that John Lasseter is so fond of the film that he’s keen on giving it a theatrical release instead of its originally planned direct-to-DVD distribution, and this poster seems to suggest that Planes is indeed headed to theaters after all.

Hit the jump for more, including the promo posters for Planes and Iron Man 3.

disney-planes-logo-image-01Planes began as a direct-to-DVD spinoff of Pixar’s Cars, with the story focusing on skybound anthropomorphic vehicles.  The “comedy packed with action and adventure” centers on a small-town crop dusting plane who longs to enter an epic around-the-world air race.  As you can see, the plot owes much to the story of Cars and Cars 2. The DVD/Blu-ray release was previously slated for spring of 2013, and this poster puts the release at September 2013 (though this is an international release).  We still have no official confirmation that Planes is headed to theaters, but if and when the announcement does come it shouldn’t be as a surprise.

Also included on the poster sheet is a new promo poster for Iron Man 3.  The image obviously doesn’t come from the actual film (which is currently in production), but it’s a superhero movie so there’s gotta be at least a few people itching for any kind of look they can score from Marvel’s next feature.

Image via Bleeding Cool.



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