Warner Bros. Developing a ‘Plastic Man’ Movie with Amanda Idoko Writing the Script

     December 7, 2018

plastic-man-movieRumor has it that Warner Bros. is developing a Plastic Man movie. That’s a good idea, one I wrote about at length back in 2015. The Quality Comics character turned DC Comics funnyman could be just what the studio needs to add a little humor to their superhero flicks without forcing the issue or turning a serious character into a jokester. What’s interesting here is that Plastic Man would presumably be toplining his own film, even as his similar stretchy counterpart Elongated Man has a recurring role on The CW’s The Flash.

THR reports that Amanda Idoko (Breaking News In Yuba County) is writing the script for the planned comedic action-adventure flick that will be executive produced by WB’s Bob Shaye, with DC’s Walter Hamada and Chantal Nong overseeing. No details are available beyond that, including what Idoko’s take might be, and with no other produced content from Idoko to draw from, your guess is as good as mine. However, DC has done well for itself in both the TV world and the movie world, but there’s another, lighter side of the DC universe to explore, and Plastic Man is at the center of it.

plastic-man-movieOriginally published by Quality Comics (and later acquired by DC), writer-artist Jack Cole’s creation, Plastic Man, first appeared in Police Comics #1. His powers include the ability to stretch his body and form it into nearly any shape he can imagine, incredible resiliency, apparent immortality, superhuman strength and invulnerability (including plastic organs), and a curious immunity to telepathy. For fans of Plastic Man, a.k.a. Patrick “Eel” O’Brian, it’s not just the powers that make the character so memorable, but rather his quirky, off-beat brand of humor and his slapstick adventures.

The character maintains a cult fandom that includes such comics heavyweights as Grant Morrison, Alex Ross and Frank Miller. He’s appeared in a number of short-run DC series, had his own short-lived 70s/80s animated series (The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show), and frequently appeared on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Hopefully the movie’s story will be pulled from Kyle Baker’s Eisner-award winning run. That particularly self-aware and self-referential story arc, coupled with Plas’ own ability to become a walking sight-gag, makes this property a perfect answer to the darker DC adaptations. As for casting, I only wish Bruce Campbell were 30 years younger.


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