PlayStation 3 Loses Weight, Becomes Cheaper, May Need an Intervention

     August 18, 2009


Whispered amongst the people and long foretold by the prophets, it has finally come to pass: The PlayStation 3 is slimmer and $300.  It is now competitive with other next-gen systems on the market.  When it first came out, it was the best Blu-ray player you could buy because it was not only the cheapest, but if you wanted to play videogames on it you could.  But with the prices of Blu-ray players steadily declining far below the $400 of the PS3, Sony finally had to pull the trigger on the long-awaited price drop and now that it’s slimmer and only costs a hundred bucks less, I say it’s a must-buy.  Hit the jump to find out why and to get some looks at the new hotness.

xbox360_ps3_nintendo_revolution_image.jpgI wouldn’t say it’s the #1 console for gamers (the PS3 shares most the 360 continues to hold that title because of Xbox Live), if it’s now at $300, you have a tough decision to make if you don’t own a 360 or a PS3 but you know you want to pick up one or the other this holiday season.  If you’re thinking “I’ll just spend $250 on a Wii!”, vanish.  Save yourself some money and spend the extra $50 because unless you’ve got a home-bound housewife who’s grown bored with drinking and picking up 20-somethings at the gym (this is how I define a “causal gamer”), this is a more useful piece of technology for your home.  It will also boost Blu-ray sales and since that’s Sony’s proprietary technology, I’m baffled as to why they didn’t do this sooner.  Well, at least it’s done and that’s what’s important.  Even more important is finding people to mug so I can get the $300 to buy it.

Check out some pics of the PS3-slim below and how it compares to the older model.  The new PlayStation 3 hits stores on September 1st.  The old chunky version will now be $300 as well but the whole “more of me to love”-thing doesn’t really work with technology.

Sony PS3 slim versus original PS3 (1).jpg

Sony PS3 slim versus original PS3 (2).jpg

Sony PS3 slim versus original PS3.jpg

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