‘The Collider Podcast’: Episode 26 – ‘Spectre’

     November 11, 2015


This week on The Collider Podcast, we look at the newest James Bond film, Spectre.  We talk about the film’s flaws, why it doesn’t hold up next to Skyfall, the problem with Bond, the franchise’s strengths and weaknesses, what they’ll need to do going forward, and more.  Also, recommendations are back!

Also, this is our first episode using new audio recording software and my new microphone, and we want your feedback on how it sounds.  Does it sound better or worse to your ears?  Additionally, what suggestions do you have for the podcast?  What would you like to hear us talk about aside from the latest movie news or release of the week?  Sound off in the comments section.  Finally, if you like the podcast, please take a couple minutes to give us a good review in the iTunes store.  It’s a small thing that can make a big difference.

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Matt’s Recommendation: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


Image via Sony Pictures and MGM

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