Edgar Ramirez in Talks for POINT BREAK Remake; Nic Cage to Lead THE TRUST; Emma Thompson & Daniel Brühl Join BERLIN

     May 14, 2014


We’ve got a few more casting stories to attend to this afternoon.  Briefly:

  • Edgar Ramirez (Carlos) is in talks to replace Gerard Butler in the Point Break remake.
  • Nicolas Cage and Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) will star in the crime thriller The Trust.
  • Emma Thompson, Daniel Brühl (Rush), and Mark Rylance (The Other Boelyn Girl) will star in the Hans Fallada adaptation Alone in Berlin.

Hit the jump for more on this casting news.

point-break-edgar-ramirezAfter losing Gerard Butler, Alcon Entertainment has tapped the very talented Edgar Ramirez to play Bodhi in director Ericson Core’s (Invincible) Point Break remake.  The character was previously played by Patrick Swayze in the original film, but this version is set in the world of international heists and extreme sports.  Ramirez first broke onto the scene with his stellar performance in the miniseries Carlos and has had memorable turns in films like Zero Dark Thirty and Wrath of the Titans.  He was also a contender to play Khan John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness after talks with Benicio Del Toro broke down, but Benedict Cumberbatch subsequently took the role.  He’s an incredibly talented guy, but I still can’t shake the whole “direct-to-DVD” feeling of this unnecessary Point Break remake (which producers are describing as a “recreation”).

Additionally, Highland Film Group announced that Nicolas Cage and Jack Huston will lead the crime thriller The Trust.  Scripted by Ben Brewer and Adam Hirsch, the story revolves around two evil cops who discover a strangely hidden safe filled with mysterious contents.  Their lust for the loot leads them into a well of corruption and leaves them fighting for their lives.

Finally, Sunray Films has revealed that Emma Thompson, Daniel Brühl, and Mark Rylance will star in director Vincent Pérez’s drama Alone in Berlin.  Based on a true story and Hans Fallada’s novel of the same name, the film revolves around a couple living in Berlin under Nazi rule who are spurred by their son’s death to act in resistance.  Pre-production will begin this winter in Germany, which means filming likely won’t get underway until early next year.


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