‘Pokemon’ Movie Lands Marvel Vet Nicole Perlman, Alex Hirsch as Writers

     August 16, 2016

Legendary is moving full-speed ahead on its live-action Pokemon movie to take advantage of the Pokemon Go craze, and now the film has one crucial ingredient: screenwriters. Per Variety, Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch are in negotiations to pen the script for the live-action Pokemon movie based on the game Detective Pikachu. Legendary landed the rights to the property mere weeks after Pokemon Go was launched, fortuitously securing one of the most coveted deals in Hollywood. Indeed, it’s straight-up 1999 out there right now as folks across the globe are immersed into the hunting and catching of Pokemon via the Pokemon Go mobile game.

Perlman is a veteran of Marvel’s writers program, which began shortly after the success of Iron Man and served to develop early scripts for a number of properties, including Guardians of the Galaxy. She served as the script originator on that film before James Gunn came on to co-write and direct, and she’s co-writing Marvel’s upcoming female-led superhero pic Captain Marvel with Inside Out co-writer Meg LeFauve. That film recently secured a star in Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson.


Image via Niantic

Hirsch, meanwhile, is best known for creating the popular Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls, which makes this a rather promising pairing.

We still don’t know what this live-action Pokemon movie will entail other than the inclusion of Detective Pikachu, a character who’s only been unveiled in Japan thus far. In the video game, he’s a young Pikachu who is not as powerful as his fellow Pikachu, but boasts of being a great detective nonetheless. He subsequently teams up with a young human boy who can understand him, and the two set about solving mysteries. So it’s a bit like The Adventures of Tintin, except 1000 times more nerdy.

Universal will distribute the film via their deal with Legendary, and one imagines the studio is going to be working quickly to get this thing in theaters as fast as possible lest they risk coming out after Pokemon’s resurgent popularity subsides.

While Perlman and Hirsch are handling script duties, one screenwriter who pitched his own take on the franchise was Max Landis. At Comic-Con in July, he revealed his take on the story which he described as Harry Potter and Rocky-esque, which you can watch below.


Image via Nintendo

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