Comic-Con Geek Gifts: Own the PORTAL Jumpsuit, Socks, and Device

     July 12, 2012


Geeks assemble!  Comic-Con 2012 has officially begun, and we have very good news for fans of the Portal videogames.  Pre-orders are now available for Chell’s Jumpsuit, Long-Fall Boot Socks, Atlas’ Portal Device, and a nifty display stand.  Yes, you can now sport a jumpsuit based on the one worn by Chell in Portal and Portal 2, fully equipped with an adjustable elastic waistband and a super official Aperture Science logo.  Moreover, you can own a replica of the damn Portal device.  The 1:1 scale replica measures 30” in length and includes sound effects and blue and violet colored LEDs.

Hit the jump to check out images and video along with product information and pricing.

Here are images of the products, followed by the product information and pricing.  Head over to NECA to break your bank.

Here’s detailed product information:

Chell’s Jumpsuit

Test in style! Based on the jumpsuit worn by Chell in Portal and Portal 2, this unisex model comes in 6 different sizes, with adjustable elastic waistbands to give you even more freedom. Sleeves can be cuffed or tied around the waist. Check out the measurements below* to see which will fit you best. Note that the Jumpsuit is cut to give 3 to 5 extra inches of room around your actual measurements.

  • Printed Aperture Science logo on the back
  • Adjustable elastic waistband offers the option of a more fitted or relaxed look
  • Jumpsuit can be worn with a full length pant or length and width of pant leg can be adjusted, using the drawstring in the hem
  • 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex twill.
  • Machine wash cold.

* Size guide will be available on the page (in CM and INCHES)

MSRP – 100.00

Chell’s Long-Fall boot Socks

The Long Fall Boots were designed to minimize impact damage and protect the ASHPD from costly repairs! Not to mention, it has the added benefit of protecting human Test Subjects from injuring themselves! The Aperture Long Fall Socks may not have the technology to protect you from falls, but you can look the part! Knee High, Poly/Acrylic Blend. Adult sized, fits most.

MSRP – 10.00

Atlas’s Portal Device

The 2nd edition of the Co-Op ASHPD is Atlas’s weapon of choice, featuring blue and violet colored LEDs. Like the original ASPHD and P-body’s, Atlas’s device is a 1:1 scale replica that measures 30″ in length, features a replica shell with blue racing stripes, and includes sound effects pulled directly from the game.

Requires 3 “C” Batteries, not included. Closed Box packaging. Limited edition of 5000 units.

MSRP – 140.00

Portal Device Replica Display Stand

Display Your Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device Proudly! This display is over 14 inches in diameter and is over 14″ tall, was accurately built from in-game 3D models, and approved by Cave Johnson himself. Both arms feature rubber bumpers to keep your ASPHD in place and ready for action.

MSRP – 50.00

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