Poster and Synopsis for Uwe Boll’s BLUBBERELLA

     October 24, 2010


Blubberella, the next film set to grace the screen from infamous schlock-artist Uwe Boll (pictured above giving the finger) and his German production company Boll AG, is primed to be the director’s magnum opus based on the official synopsis alone. The summary is vague to say the least, but the gist is it’s a horror-comedy in which an obese female vigilante dispatches her victims in an appropriately ill-fitting corset and trench coat whilst wielding two blades that, in the fuzzy poster, appear to be strapped to extremities where folks traditionally have hands. Lindsay Hollister (Get Smart), Clint Howard (Apollo 13), Michael Paré (BloodRayne), and Uwe Boll himself star.  Hit the jump for more on the film, the hysterically vague and offensive synopsis, and the poster.

Blubberella is nowhere to be found on Boll’s International Movie Database profile and little else has been revealed with regards to the meat of the plot, but my guess is that it will take a backseat to jokes pertaining to the disproportionate volume of meat on the heroine anyhow. Boll’s classy that way. That said its status is currently listed as being in post-production, so for better or worse we’ll all know soon enough. The announcement of Blubberella makes it Boll’s 3rd film scheduled for release behind his concentration camp drama Auschwitz and BloodRayne: The Third Reich, the third in the series.

blubberella_movie_poster_01Here’s the official synopsis (via Twitch):

The first female fat superhero …
She will kick major ass – with her major ass …

All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!”

For those unfamiliar with Uwe Boll’s reputation among critics and some moviegoers, “hack” might do nicely. Within the geek community, of which I am a sitting member, he has broken countless fans’ hearts by adapting (and by adapting I mean defecating on) popular video game franchises with films such as BloodRayne and, most recently, the straight-to-DVD Far Cry. For perspective, in 2005, movie fans became so appalled that they began an online petition to thwart his career or, at the very least, turn a mirror on his creative vision (covered here). From the look of things, I’d say they failed. When one takes the quality of his pictures with a grain of salt and in the presence of a group of rowdy buddies, however, the flicks are admittedly entertaining in the most marginal interpretation. This latest effort has forced me to reconsider the notion that he is fully aware of this fact and is, in his own words, a “genius”.

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