August 12, 2009


A slew of posters hit the web today (I’m not sure the quantity of a “slew” but we have four posters below) and I have witty comments on all of them that I’m sure you will enjoy.  Or you can just skip my words (and make me sad) and just look at the posters.  You’ll find both after the jump.

Fox Searchlight has released the poster for Mira Nair’s “Amelia” which is about the comical life and times of continually confused maid Amelia Bedelia…shit, I messed up.  It’s apparently about the famous female aviator Amelia Earhart (played by Hilary Swank) who set many records during her lifetime.  She was also one of the first people to ever discover the Bermuda Triangle.

Too soon?  You can ponder that question as look at the poster below.  “Amelia” hits theatres on October 23rd.


We also have the poster for “Gentleman Broncos” starring Jemaine Clement and Michael Angarano along with Jennifer Coolidge, Mike White, and Sam Rockwell.  It’s a poster that really wants you to know it’s by the director of “Napoleon Dynamite”.  The problem is I don’t know how much juice is left in using that film as a marketing tool.  Fox Searchlight seems to specialize in films that look like they would be cult films but they blow up and become major hits.  There’s nothing wrong with that but they all have to suffer the inevitable backlash and I’m wondering if “Broncos” is going to suffer the aftershocks of that backlash.

Check out the poster below.  “Gentleman Broncos” will open Fantastic Fest 2009 on September 24th and will begin a limited release on October 30th.


Finally we have the posters for F. Gary Gray’s “Law Abiding Citizen”.  I don’t think there’s a trailer out there at the moment so I don’t know how to mock it.  I do know that these posters tell me about the film.  The film stars Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler and they have angry words.  Words in an angry font and if you mess with them, they’re going to beat you to death with words.

Check out the poster below.  “Law Abiding Citizen” hits theatres on October 16th.



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