June 18, 2009


Three new posters for independent films have debuted over the last few days and I’ve compiled them into this handy article.  Two of the posters are great.  One misrepresents the film its selling in such a tremendous way that I hope families go see it.  But I’ll get to that one last.

Hit the jump to see the new posters and my brief take on each.

First there’s the poster for “Big Fan” starring Patton Oswalt, written and directed by Robert D. Siegel (who also wrote “The Wrestler).  It does exactly what it should which is convey an emotion of disturbance.  Folks know Oswalt as a comedian but this poster clearly isn’t trying to make you laugh and the film, while I’m told it does have jokes, is not a comedy.  They’re counting not on Oswalt’s name or his comedy to sell this film, but the expression on his face.  He doesn’t let them down.  I can’t wait to see this flick. 

Click here or on the poster to see it embiggened.  “Big Fan” is due out this fall.


Then there’s poster for “Cold Souls” starring Paul Giamatti.  Oddly, Giamatti Russian Dolls are only sold in Russia and I’m told their highly popular.

It’s certainly an eye-catching poster and when you’re an independent film starring Paul Giamatti, you have to make a poster like this.  I think it’s great and while some folks may find it slightly creepy, they’re not going to forget it and that’s the whole point.

Click here or on the poster to see it embiggened.  “Cold Souls” hits selected theatres on August 7th.


Finally, there’s the poster for Bobcat Goldthwait’s “World’s Greatest Dad” starring Robin Williams.  Hoo-boy.  You can put pull-quotes on there saying it’s a dark comedy but giant cartoon-y title falling on Robin Williams says “Hey!  Don’t mind the R-rating!  This is a comedy the whole family can enjoy!”  I hate the poster but I love that it may end up tricking a lot of folks into seeing this film that’s reportedly ridiculously dark but also ridiculously great.  I hope the trailer, whenever it hits, is just as deceptive.

Click here or on the poster to see it embiggened.  “World’s Greatest Dad” hits XBOX Live and Amazon VOD on July 24; it hits selected theatres on August 21st.


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