‘The Powerpuff Girls’ DVD “The Last Donnycorn” Backs the Wrong Magical Horse

     August 15, 2017


The latest DVD release of Cartoon Network’s rebooted series The Powerpuff Girls puts the modern version’s special “The Last Donnycorn” front and center. Unfortunately, this 22-minute story featuring Donny the Unicorn is the weakest effort of this 12-episode release, a decision which masks some gems from the Emmy-nominated series. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup remain as cute and combat-ready as ever as they fight to protect Townsville from the forces of evil and try to have a normal childhood despite their superpowers. Their time is better spent doing anything else besides babysitting an annoying Donnycorn, so luckily the new DVD release gives fans the option to do just that.

Yes, the DVD centers itself around the half-hour special, “The Last Donnycorn”, but it also includes the Emmy-nominated episode “Once Upon a Townsville” which is a strong standout story with a solid message in this bunch; the DVD’s bonus content also includes five The Powerpuff Girls minisodes. It’s a recommended buy for diehard fans and completionists who want every release on disc, and it’s available now! For those of you who might be on the fence, allow me to nudge you one way or the other.


Image via Cartoon Network

“The Last Donnycorn” is essentially a half an hour of the Powerpuff Girls protecting the title character, who’s being hunted by an over-the-top Terminator-stylized robotic unicorn and needs the team’s help to save Unicorn Land. Ultimately it feels forced and over-reliant on nods to sci-fi film classics, and, honestly, it’s just not that fun. That’s not to say that the nods to pop culture don’t work elsewhere–homages to AliensThe FlyJurassic Park and more are really well done–it’s just that they are best when giving the audience a sly wink rather than a super-powered punch of recognition to the face.

Other episodes like “Once Upon a Townsville”, “People Pleaser”, and “The Wrinklegruff Gals” are more in keeping with the spirit of the original series that have some truly laugh-out-loud moments and decent messages for young viewers as a bonus. “Presidential Punchout” features Princess Morbucks, a solid villain from the original series who really shines in the modern iteration, though fan-favorite antagonist HIM makes an appearance elsewhere in the DVD.  It’s also worth mentioning that only a handful of episodes from Season 2–“The Last Donnycorn”, “15 Minutes of Fame”, “Claw Dad”–appear in this 12-episode collection, so that might sway your decision.

Check out some clips from The Powerpuff Girls: The Last Donnycorn DVD below!