First ’Powers’ Season 2 Trailer Brings War and Big Changes

     December 7, 2015


Last winter, the PlayStation Network joined in with seemingly every other content provider, and decided to debut its own original scripted content. The show would only be available to subscribers of their premium network, but it was an interesting idea. How would a superhero show play to their audience, and would it cause people to specifically seek it out?

Powers, based on the comic by the prolific writer Brian Michael Bendis (who also serves as an executive producer for the series) takes place in a world where superheroes are celebrities. However, the show’s lead character, Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley), lost his powers to Season 1’s major villain, and has been relegated ever since to serving as a bitter detective in the “Powers” division of his local police station.


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There was a lot of hope for the series, but many fans of the comics (including Evan Valentine, who reviewed the first three episodes for us) were disappointed with the direction the show took (moving so far from its comic origins), and also its distracting budgetary limitations. It was a good idea that wasn’t executed particularly well, at least to start.

However, accompanying the release for the Season 2 trailer was a personal note from Bendis, thanking viewers for their support, but mostly stressing that the new season is a big step up from the first. The new showrunner, Remi Aubuchon, has brought in a ton of new hires behind-the-scenes, and the additions of Tricia Helfer and Wil Wheaton to the Season 2 cast all back up the suggestion that the show is really aiming for something better this year. Check out the new trailer below:

I had the chance to visit the Powers Season 2 set here in Atlanta not long ago, and I can tell you is that there is a huge difference from Season 1 in terms of production value, and just the energy from the cast. The costuming and design is thoughtful, and the new sets are a big upgrade. Copley is also really excited for the new season, and happy that the show is going to start incorporating more from the comics (which he has read and loves). There’s a lot of excitement from everyone involved, though, coupled with some relief that Sony has finally thrown some money at this thing. As Bendis says in his note, “Together we’ve worked to make this season even BIGGER, BOLDER, and SEXIER than ever!” He also added that updates can be found via his PlayStation Blog.

Powers Season 2 is currently in production, and also stars Justice Leak, Andrew Sensenig, Susan Heyward, Adam Godley, and Olesya Rulin.

Here’s more information, plus the synopsis for the season:

Powers, an edgy dramatic series based on the graphic novel series of the same name, follows the lives of two homicide detectives, Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward), who are assigned to investigate cases involving people with extraordinary abilities, referred to as “Powers.” Set amidst today’s paparazzi culture, Powers asks the questions, what if the world was full of superheroes who aren’t actually heroic at all? What if all that power was just one more excuse for mischief, mayhem, murder, and endorsement deals?  The new season will delve into the storyline made famous by the first comic “Who Killed Retro Girl?” as the Powers Division investigates the shocking murder of the world famous superhero (played by Michelle Forbes) and the mysteries that her death uncovers.

The 10-episode first season of Powers finished its run in May on PlayStation Network. Episodes can be found on PlayStation Store for free streaming to all PlayStation Plus Subscribers and individual episodic purchase. Powers: Season 1 Blu-ray is also available now for purchase.


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