Ethan Hawke Is Looking Rough In This Seven Minute PREDESTINATION Opening Scene

     December 3, 2014


If the neither the first trailer or the second trailer sold you on for Michael and Peter Spierig’s upcoming sci-fi film, Predestination, they’d like to show you the opening scene (which consists of about seven minutes of footage) in order to change your mind.  I myself won’t be watching this footage at this time, since I’m fairly sure I’ll see the whole thing soon enough.  But, if you’re on the fence, I say go for it if you’ve got seven minutes to kill.  The trailers themselves looked pretty good to me, so maybe this will go the extra mile for you.

Hit the jump to watch the Predestination opening scene.  Ethan Hawke, who previously starred in the 2009 vampire movie Daybreakers for the directors, stars here (and if a quick look at the key frame is any indication, he gets fairly roughed up).  The film is inspired by Robert Heinlein’s short story “All You Zombies” and also stars Noah Taylor and Sarah SnookPredestination opens in theaters on January 9th.  Hit the jump to watch the opening scene.

Here’s the opening scene of Predestination (courtesy of Coming Soon):

Here’s the official synopsis:

In mid-’70s New York, a man in a fedora slips into an office building’s boiler room, carrying a mysterious briefcase. He uncovers a bomb, and is attacked while struggling to deactivate it. He succeeds — almost. Horribly disfigured, he’s transported to his agency’s headquarters where he receives a new face. He’s a temporal agent, traveling back and forth through time, altering history, and his assignment — thwart the mass murder perpetrated by the so-called ‘Fizzle Bomber’ — continues. New face, new place. Now he’s undercover as a bartender. He falls into conversation with a tough yet androgynous customer. There’s something off about the guy, who offers to enlighten the agent with ‘the best story you ever heard’.


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