Pregnant Amy Adams Won’t Enter John Hillcoat’s THE PROMISED LAND; Plus Comments on ENCHANTED Sequel and THE FIGHTER

     December 7, 2009


During our AFM coverage, we premiered the promo poster for The Promised Land (formerly The Wettest Country in the World), the next film from director John Hillcoat and writer Nick Cave (who previously teamed up to make The Proposition) with Shia LaBeouf, Ryan Gosling, and Amy Adams set to star.  However, in tiny print at the bottom was the note “credits not contractual”.  With that in mind, it looks like Amy Adams won’t be heading to The Promised Land now that she is with child.

During the press junket for her upcoming film Leap Year, Adams said that she just finished David O. Russell’s The Fighter and that she’ll be taking a break from filmmaking until next summer.  While it sucks that the highly talented Adams won’t be part of Hillcoat’s killer collaboration, hopefully they’ll find a replacement of equal or greater talent.  Unfortunately for The Promised Land, there aren’t many who measure up to Adams.

Hit the jump for the full transcript plus what she says on The Fighter and a possible sequel to Enchanted (she gives the standard actor response to an unannounced sequel: would need a good script but hasn’t seen anything yet).  Look for a lot more on Leap Year closer to that film’s release date of January 8, 2010.

amy_adams_03.jpgHow surprised are you by the success you’ve had since Enchanted?

AMY ADAMS: In this field, it’s always got to stay a surprise and you’ve got to stay grateful for it. You have to understand how cyclical it all is and enjoy the ride.

Do you know if there will ever be a sequel for Enchanted?

ADAMS: I don’t know if there’s going to be a sequel. I really don’t know. I’d be open, if there was something put in front of me that was really great, but I think the film stands on its own. Some of my favorite films don’t have sequels, so I love that it stands on its own, but I’d be willing to explore it.

What do you have coming out next?

ADAMS: I just finished The Fighter, with David O. Russell. And then, I’m taking some time off right now.

Who do you play in that?

ADAMS: I play Mark Wahlberg’s character’s girlfriend, who is a straight-forward, rough-around-the-edges, Boston girl. She’s a bartender.

What was it like to work with David O. Russell?

ADAMS: It was awesome. I loved it.

How long do you plan on taking time off for?

amy_adams_02.jpgADAMS: I’m not sure. Probably until next summer.

What are you personal plans for that time?

ADAMS: Well, I’m having a baby, so I’m hoping that is accomplished successfully. And, I’m trying to work on my relationships. I’ve been gone so long. I’ve had relationships that have been really great and supportive, but I need to learn how to keep in touch with people better, and it will be nice to have the time to focus on other people, instead of just myself and my career.

How important is it for you to be able to balance your career with your impending family?

ADAMS: I think any woman that intends on having a career and a family simultaneously thinks about the challenge of balancing that, and also balancing that with the relationship and keeping that going well. It’s definitely something that’s on my mind. I’m really lucky that I have a great support team around me. I just look at it as an adventure and try not to plan too far ahead. I just do what I think is best, in the moment. It’s all new to me.

What do you look for now, when looking at projects you’re considering?

ADAMS: I think that there’s different things that attract me to each project. Sometimes it’s the director and sometimes it’s just specifically the story or the character. But, when I look, it’s usually a combination of those things together. Sometimes it’s the mood that I’m in. I’ll be like, “Oh, gosh, I just worked on this really heavy drama and I just want to have fun and let loose. It’s different things that drive my decision.

Would you like to develop your own projects?

ADAMS: Yeah. I’m actually starting to produce more and to be involved more in development. I’m looking forward to that. I want to try my hand and see how I like that ’cause I really enjoy the creative process of bringing a movie to life. I look forward to being more involved in that.

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