Premiere Dates for Joss Whedon-Directed GLEE, 150th FAMILY GUY, and Season Finales of FRINGE, HOUSE, and 24

     April 19, 2010


Did you know there are shows on Fox other than American Idol?  It’s true!  Fox has announced its May sweeps line-up and I imagine that the other major networks will do the same in the coming weeks.  After the jump, we’ve included the premiere dates and one-line synopsis for season finales of Fringe and House, the series finale of 24, the 150th episode of Family Guy, and the Joss Whedon-directed episode of Glee starring Neil Patrick Harris.

Family Guy image Road to the Multiverse.jpgSunday, May 2nd: 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT

FAMILY GUY: “Brian & Stewie” – Milestone 150th Episode, “FOX Rocks” Programming

In the special one-hour 150th episode, Brian (Seth MacFarlane) and Stewie (MacFarlane) get locked in a bank vault and are forced to survive without baby food and martinis while they hatch an escape plan. Immediately following the episode, the celebration will continue with fan-favorite and never-before-seen musical numbers.

Thursday, May 13th: 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT

FRINGE: “Over There, Part 1” – Season Finale, Part 1

In part one of the two-part, two-night second season finale, Walter and Olivia travel to the parallel universe, and the anticipated face-off between Walter Bishop and William Bell occurs when special guest star Leonard Nimoy returns.

Monday, May 17th: 8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT

HOUSE: “Help Me” – Season Finale

The sixth season finale takes the Princeton Plainsboro team outside the hospital as they join forces with a search-and-rescue team to provide medical attention at the scene of an emergency.

Tuesday, May 18th: 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT

GLEE: “Dream On”

In an episode directed by Emmy Award winner Joss Whedon (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Dollhouse”), Mr. Schuester’s former high school nemesis (guest star Neil Patrick Harris) causes trouble for the glee club. Rachel struggles with a life-long personal issue, and Artie’s (Kevin McHale) dreams take him on an adventure. Additional guest stars include Molly Shannon, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff.

Thursday, May 20th: 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT

FRINGE: “Over There, Part 2” – Season Finale, Part 2

Sacrifices will be made and both universes may never be the same again after Walter and Olivia visit the “other side” in Part 2 of the climactic season finale.

Monday, May 24th: 8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT

24: “2:00 PM-4:00 PM” – Series Finale

It’s the end of an era when the groundbreaking and iconic action-packed series comes full circle with the climactic two-hour series finale of “Day Eight.” Emotions run high as the harrowing day climaxes with resolute President Taylor (Cherry Jones) closing in on a world-changing objective and Jack forced to take matters into his own hands for one last and unforgettable job. Additionally, Eriq La Salle guest-stars.