Limited Paper: Ltd. Art Gallery’s PRESS START Show Opens; Gaming Junkies and Poster Nerds Finally Brought Together

     September 4, 2012

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times:  for all the video-game junkies who pull double-duty as poster-junkies, there seems to be a ridiculously small amount of video-game-themed posters being produced.  In an age where Mountain Dew rebrands entire lines of soda in order to cross-promote with each new HALO release, you’d think the poster-producing industry would’ve recognized this largely-untapped-market by now. While we’re waiting on them to get their acts together, though, the good folks over at Ltd. Art Gallery are doing their part to keep poster-geeks and gamers happy:  PRESS START, Ltd. Art’s all-video-game-themed show, opened this past Friday…and after the jump, I’ve got a ton of pics to share (as well as a few links, if you’re in a buying mood).  Meet me there, folks!

Before we go on, lemme come back to the point I was making before the break:  yes, we know that Olly Moss has released several Nintendo-themed prints, all of which are awesome (see below).   And yeah:  even as we speak, Limited Paper is in the process of sorting through the dozens and dozens of emails we received from readers trying to win the limited-edition The Last of Us poster (also below) we debuted/gave away over the weekend.   And you’re right, it is true that—all the way back in February– Mondo’s creative director, Justin Ishmael, told that his company had secured the license to a “major” video game property, a deal that was supposed to have resulted in Mondo’s first video-game poster sometime earlier this year (it never arrived, but we’ve still got our fingers crossed).

We’re well aware these things exist.  But then, I’m not saying that there are zero video-game screenprints available for those that want ‘em.  I am saying that I find it odd that companies like Mondo and Gallery1988 (businesses that have proven themselves very clever when it comes to separating poster-collectors from their paychecks) haven’t targeted the video-game industry more often… just as I’m shocked that video game developers (Bethesda Softworks, for instance, or Rock Star Games) aren’t seeking out companies like Mondo to commission screenprints to promote their latest release.  The whole thing’s just…weird.

Y’know who probably agrees?   The folks over at Ltd. Art Gallery:  they just opened PRESS START–an entire gallery show built around video games, their mythologies, and the characters that inhabit them—and seeing the lineup they put together for the show proves that prints based on video games can be just as impressive as posters based on our favorite movies. Since most of us weren’t able to make it to Seattle to attend the opening of PRESS START this weekend,  our friends at Ltd. Art were nice enough to send along a collection of images from the show.  We’ve listed out some of our favorites below, but be aware that you can head over to Ltd. Art Gallery’s websiteto see the rest of the collection…and maybe to purchase one or two of these prints if you’re feeling spend-y.  After all, who knows when we’ll see another video-game-themed show?

  • 4 Items of Less by Patrick Ballesteros
  • 16×25”
  • $450 digitally-printed original

  • Blaster Master Redux by Jason Stokes
  • 12×18”
  • Giclee edition of $25
  • $120 framed edition

  • Yoohoo! By WP Van Overbruggen
  • 11×19”
  • $40 giclee edition of 15
  • Traveless in Time by Mark Barrett
  • 14×14”
  • $250 digital original

  • Crashers by Mark Behm
  • 11×14”
  • $800 acrylic-on-board original

  • Chell by WP Van Overbruggen
  • 12×19”
  • $40 giclee edition of 20

  • Yoga Inferno by George Davis
  • 11×14”
  • $700 acrylic/colored pencil original

  • Succubus by Mitchel Fletcher
  • 9×12”
  • $250 graphite/paper original

  • Rollin’ by Scott Campbell
  • 12×17”
  • $600 watercolor original

  • Locust by Ryan Benjamin
  • 8×10”
  • $300 graphite-on-paper original

  • Sokrovenno Forest by Andy Helms
  • 18×12”
  • $35 giclee edition of 5

  • Solids by Andy Helms
  • 9×12”
  • $20 giclee edition of 25

  • Shadow of The Colossus by Daren Bader
  • 16×20”
  • $3,000 original (oil on board)

  • Team Fortress 2 by WP Van Overbruggen
  • 12×19”
  • $40 giclee edition of 20

  • Link by Mike Oeming
  • 20×24”
  • $1,000 digital mixed-media original

Believe it or not, the above images represent less than half of the show’s entire run, and there are some really amazing pieces in there that we strongly recommend you check out.  Here’s a direct link to the “Currently Exhibiting” page on Ltd. Art Gallery’s website, that page contains every piece of artwork  that’s still for sale, and—from the looks of it—there’s still some really cool stuff knocking around over there.  And while we’re talking about ‘em, be aware that you can keep up with all of Ltd. Art Gallery’s future showcases and events by following them on Twitter via @LTDArtGallery or at their Facebook page. While Limited Paper is definitely bummed that we couldn’t see PRESS START in person, we’re still really impressed with the images Ltd. Art has shared here today.  More important than that, however, is this:  the more that galleries and artists produce posters and screenprints based on video games, the more likely we are to see those kind of posters being produced and sold.

Think about what Olly Moss could do with Bioshock: Infinite!  Consider a Tyler Stout Fallout: New VegasTom Whalen’s MinecraftMartin Ansin doing Amnesia: The Dark Descent!  Or  Arkham City!  Or Borderlands 2, or…well, look, literally anything Ansin creates is worth getting excited about, but you get the point:  there’s potential here, and if we wanna see more of it, we need to support these kinds of shows when they pop up. So head on over to Ltd. Art Gallery’s site, poke around through the PRESS START listings, and see if there’s not something there you’d like to hang on your wall.  Pass the link along to your gamer pals, see what they think of these posters.  If this really is something you’d like to see more of, make a point to talk to gallery owners and artists the next time you attend a show:  tell ‘em that you wish more video-game-themed posters were being produced (if all else fails, try reverse psychology).   And—as always—make sure you stay tuned to Limited Paper in the near future:  we’ve got even more poster-related awesomeness headed your way this week, and you’re not gonna want to miss a single update!

While you’re waiting on the next Limited Paper to arrive, stroll on over to Twitter and follow us for daily updates on whatever’s going on in the world of poster-collecting:  once we hit 1,000 followers, we’re going to do a kick-ass giveaway (something from my own, personal flat file, guaranteed)!  If you’re a gallery owner, artist, an event organizer, or if you’re just some dude who overheard some juicy bit of poster-related gossip, you can drop me a line directly via  if you’ve got something you want shared in Limited Paper, we’ll help make it happen!  Everyone else?  Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on Ltd. Art Gallery’s latest show:  frantically love it?  Irrationally hate it?  The people need to know what’s on your mind!  So, y’know:  get cracking, Slappy.  More cool shit is on the way!

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