PRISON BREAK: The Final Break Blu-ray Review

     August 23, 2009


Their run is over. Four years later… May 15… They all meet to visit a friend… Michael J. Scofield… Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Friend… remembered with the words, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” on his grave. His death is now revealed. A solemn mood dominates… A tear to the eye… There is no twist… There is no turn… Until now! They’re back for The Final Break! My full review is after the jump.

prison_break_final_break_blu-ray_wentworth_miller_01.jpgPrepare yourself for the truth…

Realizing they can’t touch Michael Scofield, the federal government goes after the woman he loves. When Sara is incarcerated for murder, only Michael can rescue her and their unborn child. This time instead of breaking themselves out, they need to break her out of a secure women’s prison. With a price on Sara’s head, and everyone onto Michael’s ways, time’s running out and he’ll have to rely on an alliance he never thought would come again.

Sounds almost like one of the television promos for the seasons. Well there is a reason for that. This feature-length special, only available on home video, are two episodes which occurred in between the downfall of The Company, and the epilogue with the revelation of Michael Scofield’s death, which were skipped through in the finale of the series and never aired in North America. There isn’t much to say. This is meant for series fans, (a.k.a. “Prisoners”), but might have been more suitable to include along with the Season 4 DVD/Blu-ray releases as extra content. That was my initial skepticism about this product. I didn’t want to pump myself up to expecting wonders from two episodes.

prison_break_final_break_blu-ray_robert_keppner_01.jpgHaving watched it now, it actually exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. And I am glad these two episodes weren’t aired at the time in order with the rest. I thought the series finale that did air brought a great final emotion with the gravestone of Michael Scofield as the final shot, with his death only at that point being revealed. With that said, I am glad The Final Break was released only after. It is best viewed that way. If they had to release it separately, so be it/ This is an excellent addition to the Prison Break chronology and it was remarkably exciting even after having watched the series finale and really knowing what came before and what ultimately would come after. You start this aware with the fact Michael Scofield dies from the complications of his brain tumor, (after his nose began to bleed in the series finale), either by the end or in the hidden space after the credits of The Final Break. Assumptions rarely turned out how you thought with Prison Break. While the third season was more about redemption, the fourth as a whole about revenge, The Final Break is the ultimate sacrifice that had to be made.

There aren’t many special features, only deleted scenes, but they also aren’t much needed. The series finale tied up almost all the loose ends except for one: Gretchen Morgan’s ultimate fate. That summarizes this release. It’s to clear the debris leftover from all the breakouts, with just one last one. It gives you the ability to have a final dose of Prison Break that you didn’t expect after the series’ close. Just when you thought it was over, another revelation was made with two unaired episodes. That epitomizes Prison Break’s formula of five shockers where most only go for one. And releasing two unaired episodes might have been the ultimate twist. Who would have thought there was more to be revealed after a series finale that included an epilogue? Who would have that it would be a must-have for any “Prisoner?” After watching it, consider yourself free… hopefully.

So just when you thought it was over, there’s still one last thing that happened before it all ended, all with Prison Break: The Final Break on Blu-ray.

Film Rating: 3/5

Special Features: Wanted Dead Or Alive

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