April 7, 2010

Producer Alex Heineman on HOT WHEELS, LOGANS RUN, SHERLOCK HOLMES 2.jpg

Last week I got to visit the set of The Apparition – which stars Sebastian Stan and Ashley Greene.  While we’re embargoed from writing about the set visit (for now), we’ve been given permission to run parts of our interviews that don’t pertain to the film.  Since producer Alex Heineman is involved in other projects as he works for Joel Silver, we got updates on Hot Wheels, Logan’s Run, and Sherlock Holmes 2.

While the updates are brief, the important thing to take away from this article is when I asked Heineman what else he’s working on, he said they’re really focused on Hot Wheels and Logan’s Run.  While I knew Hot Wheels was moving forward, I didn’t realize Logan’s Run was such a priority at Silver Pictures.  He went on to say they’re trying to find the right director for Logan’s Run, which means while it’s a priority, it’s not that close to being in front of the cameras.  Hit the jump for exactly what he said:

Q: What other things are you currently working on? What else are you producing right now?

logans_run_movie_image__3_.jpgAlex: There are two companies, Dark Castle and Silver Pictures. On the Dark Castle side, we have a movie called Unknown White Male, which actually just finished shooting, with Liam Neeson, January Jones and Diane Kruger. That’s a thriller that Jaume Collet-Serra directed, who directed Orphan and House of Wax for Joel. So, that is in post now. On the Silver Pictures side, we’re developing Logan’s Run and Hot Wheels. We’re really focused on those two. We’re always looking for new stuff. Sherlock Holmes 2 is something that looks like it’s going to come together. We’ve got a bunch of stuff.

Q: What are you going to do with Hot Wheels? Is it going to be a film like The Fast and the Furious?

Alex: We’re still figuring it out. It’s a tough one to figure it out, but we’re trying. Obviously, it has to be different from The Fast and the Furious, Speed Racer and Transformers. We have to figure out a way in that makes sense to make a movie from the property. It doesn’t have a mythology like Transformers does, but we’re trying to figure out a way into it.

Q: How different do you make Logan’s Run?

Alex: The original was such a dated movie, when you look at it now. The concept in that movie, alone, is really interesting, and the book is actually a lot different than the movie that was made in the ’70s. So, we’re trying to figure out a really cool way into that. When you watch the ’70s movie, the storyline is very of the time, not only because of the effects that were used and the look of it, but just the way the story was told. We’re trying to do a new way into it that could be really exciting.

Q: That’s something that people have been trying to do for a long time. Are you close, or is it still a ways off?

Alex: Yeah. We have a couple of scripts with some really good stuff. For us, it’s really all about a filmmaker. A lot of filmmakers really love the movie and are interested, so it’s really about finding a director that has a vision for it that makes sense. But, it’s a hard one, for sure.

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