‘Project Power’: Rodrigo Santoro Details the Prosthetic Wizardry of His Transformation

     August 21, 2020

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Project Power.]

Netflix’s Project Power rocks quite the core concept! The movie takes place in New Orleans where a new drug has flooded the market, a pill called Power. The pill lets the user unlock a superpower for five minutes. The thing is though, every person’s power is different. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character becomes bulletproof, Colson Baker’s character essentially turns himself into a human fireball, and then there’s Rodrigo Santoro’s character Biggie, who’s name was giving away his ability all along. 

When Biggie takes Power, he basically turns into Project Power’s version of The Hulk. When he finally shows off his ability around the midpoint of the movie, I made the assumption that the look was largely achieved through CGI. Turns out, that’s not the case! Here’s how Santoro described it in our interview:


Image via Netflix

“That’s a makeup artist from New York called Mike Marino. He’s a genius. And I wore a suit [in] four pieces, and I spent nine hours in the chair the first day to get ready, and I did everything. It’s me doing everything, wearing a three-piece suit and then pieces on the neck and pieces on the face. I shaved my whole face and this side of my mustache, that was the only thing I had, and then the rest, hair is fake. It’s all makeup and then body work doing the guy.”

After this interview I immediately found Mike Marino on Instagram and highly recommend giving his page a look. He’s got some very impressive images from Project Power up there now, including some detailed shots of the stages of Biggie’s big look. Santoro also posted a very detailed (and mighty amusing) video about the transformation on his own Instagram page which you can check out below. For more from Santoro on Project Power, check out our full chat at the top of this article! We also have a conversation with Gordon-Levitt for you right here, and one with Jamie Foxx and Dominique Fishback here.

Rodrigo Santoro:

  • Santoro’s boring but practical superpower of choice.
  • Santoro highlights the minimal CGI in Project Power.
  • Santoro details what went into creating Biggie’s “big” look.


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