Ridley Scott Plans to Deliver a “Fresher Form of Alien” in PROMETHEUS 2

     November 20, 2014


About two months ago, Ridley Scott offered a Prometheus 2 update confirming that the script was being written, that he had “15 drafts evolving” and also that the iconic Xenomorphs will not be part of the sequel.  He noted that “there’s only so much snarling you can do” and that it’s time to do something more interesting, but left it at that.  However, in a more recent interview, Scott gives up a little more information and it teases the direction he could be going in with aliens in the sequel.

Hit the jump to find out what Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw could encounter in Prometheus 2.

prometheus-ridley-scott-noomi-rapaceHere’s what Scott told The Australian (via SciFied) about Prometheus 2:

[Prometheus 2 is] fresh” and “getting away from gods and dragons and shit. If I see one more dragon I’m going to shoot myself. Stop the dragons.” Rather than a dragon, Scott describes his original Alien as “the definitive dragon and he’s a motherf . . ker. The alien’s real which is why it’s probably one of the scariest monsters in film history,” Scott says. “So with Prometheus 2 what I’m trying to do is reintroduce a fresher form of alien in the third act.” The Prometheus “baby” alien was, he concedes, “awfully close to the alien” that tormented Sigourney Weaver. His next one promises to be very different.

Clearly there’s quite a bit of paraphrasing in there, but the interview is being timed to Exodus: Gods and Kings, so perhaps we’ll get a cleaner version of the quote closer to the release of that film on December 12th.

But in the meantime, the key information is there; Scott plans to run with a “fresher form of alien in the third act” of Prometheus 2.  While I do admire Scott for choosing to take a risk and not use and abuse the Xenomorphs, after Prometheus didn’t quite meet expectations, I’m longing for them more than ever.

Nothing is official yet, but it’s rumored that Prometheus 2 could begin filming in late 2015 and also has a projected release date of March 4, 2016, but obviously that timeline is absolutely impossible.  Regardless, Scott’s clearly put a good deal of work into the film so once he finishes up The Martian, it does seem as though Prometheus 2 could come next.  Also, what’s Scott’s problem with dragons?


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