‘Prop Culture’ Trailer Reveals Disney’s Movie Prop Treasures and the Man Who Loves Them

     April 14, 2020


“I’m Dan Lanigan,” announces our cheerfully confident figure of focus early in the trailer for Disney+’s new docuseries Prop Culture. “I’ve spent my entire life collecting artifacts from my favorite films,” he continues — and buddy, he ain’t lying. You can see some of Lanigan’s basement-dungeon-wide collection in the trailer, and some on his personal website. “Now, I’m setting out to learn more about the props from the Disney movies that I love,” Lanigan concludes, setting the premise for a delightfully niche series that just might scratch your itch.


Image via Disney+

The show promises a ton of rare goodies from all kinds of Disney films, from the vinyl blinds Roger Rabbit burst through in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, to the real-life computerized accessories from TRON, to Jack Sparrow’s coat in Pirates of the Caribbean. And guiding us through all of these and more is Lanigan, whom I’ve only met for the length of this trailer and can already tell will make a likeable, fascinating television character. Whether he’s geeking out over a new treasure or asking Christopher Lloyd if he can smell himself in a Roger Rabbit prop (“No comment” is Lloyd’s reasonable response), Lanigan feels like the kind of uniquely boisterous figure who you can’t take your eyes off of. For fans of movie collectible culture, behind-the-scenes Disney deets, or reality TV that opens your eyes to different lifestyles, Prop Culture might make a worthy stream.

Prop Culture drops all episodes on Disney+ May 1. Check out the official trailer below. For more Disney+ madness, here’s when you can see the latest Simpsons short on the service — and when you can see them in the right aspect ratio.