Here’s How to Watch Today’s PS5 Event

     June 11, 2020

Please join us on June 11 at 1pm PDT / 9pm BST / 10pm CEST to see what’s in store for the next generation of games.

Boom. Easy, right?

As for what we’re hoping to learn from today’s Sony PlayStation 5 reveal event, well, that’s harder to pin down. Obviously fans want to know the price of the latest-gen console, especially since we know it’s due out this holiday season alongside the currently “priceless” Xbox Series X. We also want to know the hardware specs, more about that curious controller, the roadmap to releases of follow-up consoles (as has been the case with Sony PlayStations in the past, re PS4 Pro and Slim, etc.), more details on backwards compatibility, and just what is up with that crazy new 3D auditory mapping technology. But more than that, gamers everywhere want to know what titles are coming to the PS5 and when.

Sony, wisely, hasn’t over-promised anything at all about this event. Perhaps they learned from Microsoft Xbox Series X reveal which … didn’t really reveal much of anything despite promising more. At least we got some game trailers out of it. But if past Sony events are any indication, the rival gaming company could absolutely drop the hammer on Microsoft’s relatively lifeless showcase simply by delivering “world premiere”, “PS5 Exclusive” trailer after trailer after trailer, followed by a rundown of the price and, hopefully, a confirmed release date. (Keep in mind that the trailers streamed during the event will never look at good as the native videos that will likely launch on YouTube soon after their release, nor as good as the PS5 system itself once we get our hands on it.)

Watch along with us as we enjoy the event, and be sure to check back afterwards for a recap of everything we learned!

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