The First PlayStation 5 Game Was Revealed at Last Night’s Game Awards

     December 13, 2019


The Sony PlayStation 5 is an exciting sounding console. Expected to be available the 2020 holiday season, it boasts a ton of technical upgrades (including up to 8K resolution), backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 games, the ability to play 4K blu-rays, and a new controller that will feel more immersive than ever. But despite all this we didn’t know one essential thing: What are we gonna play on the thing? No games for the system had been announced… until now. At last night’s Game Awards, honoring the best in video games from 2019, the first PlayStation 5 game was revealed — and we’ve got the footage.

Godfall, coming from Gearbox Publishing, Counterplay Games, and Epic Games, is the very first PS5 game announced. And the third-person combat-based action-RPG looks like a damn doozy. While plot details are scarce at this point, the stakes seem to be apocalyptic, with its god-like characters intoning solemnly about the grave mission ahead. The footage, while brief, is impressive, boasting an intimidating amount of depth and detail in both its surreal character design and particles floating in the background (one shot, in which the camera pushes through the eye of a sword with an impressive rack-focus effect, absolutely floored me). And the small amount of action on display looks exhilarating — though I wanna see more! If you dig games like Diablo, Warframe, or Darksiders, Godfall will be the perfect PS5 launch title. It’s available holiday season 2020, and here’s the reveal trailer.

Beyond the first PS5 game, there were two other trailers that caught my eye. First: Telltale Games, the much-acclaimed studio responsible for narrative-driven masterpieces like The Walking Dead that tragically shuttered in October 2018, is back in a new form thanks to a new deal with LCG Entertainment. And at the Game Awards, they revealed an upcoming sequel to one of my favorite games of theirs: The Wolf Among Us 2. The original game, based on the Fables comic book series, is a neon-soaked neo-noir set in the hard-boiled world of fairy tales. And this footage, however brief, is just as tantalizing. I can’t wait to play this damn game!

Finally — the Fast and Furious franchise keeps expanding. After 2019 additions to the universe like Hobbs & Shaw and Spy Racers, we now have a video game: Fast & Furious Crossroads. The trailer boasts some pretty damn fun looking car-racing action that runs the gamut from rain-soaked city streets to Mad Max-esque desert-scapes. But the graphics/voice acting of its stars, especially Vin Diesel, looks a bit dated and dire. Could this be a new frontier for the franchise or its new laughingstock? Find out in May 2020, when the game releases for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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