The Best Thing to Come from the PlayStation 5 Reveal? The Memes, of Course

     June 11, 2020


After morsels of information were released one at a time (take a look at me freaking out about the new controller here), June 11, 2020 finally marked our first look at the Sony PlayStation 5, the upcoming video game console in Sony’s long line of beloved video game consoles. Sony livestreamed all kinds of goodies in their digital reveal event, from all the new games, to surprise stealth sequel trailers, to all kinds of weird accessories you can get. And the Internet, in response, has done what the Internet does best: Turned it all into some hilarious-ass memes.

We’ve gathered up a bunch of our favorite memes being shared about the PS5 below, from the console’s weird design, to the console’s weird design — and also, the console’s weird design. Take a look and laugh yourself silly. For more delicious memes to whet your whistle, check out this collection of Mandalorian memes.

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